About us

"GLAM DIAMOND" epitomizes "Making yourself look Glamorous." We take pride in crafting high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, cherished by our customers. GLAM DIAMOND® is dedicated to love, manifesting it through beautiful, ethically sourced, conflict-free Natural Diamonds. Our commitment extends to humanity and the environment, delivering excellence, value, and competitive pricing. Established in 1990, GLAM DIAMOND® evolved from a small family business to a second-generation enterprise with over 500 in-house designers, master bench jewelers, and sales associates, boasting 70 years of combined expertise. With factories and offices in New York, Dubai, India, China, and soon Europe, our friendly and qualified team ensures a personalized and excellent experience.

**Our Mission:**
At GLAM DIAMOND®, we strive to offer distinctive designer diamond jewelry at competitive prices. Our success stems from a growing, satisfied customer base, and we guarantee an exceptional experience with outstanding customer support. Whether creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or venturing into jewelry purchase for the first time, our trained experts are ready to assist.

**Affordable Prices:**
Manufacturing our own diamonds and jewelry allows GLAM DIAMOND® to offer competitive prices directly to you, eliminating additional commissions. Wholesale clients benefit from our competitive pricing. Our jewelry, matching leading industry brands in quality and craftsmanship, comes with free shipping and returns. Trust our team of professionals to guide you through the entire process, ensuring a perfect jewelry piece that suits your preferences.