Solitaire or cluster engagement ring

Solitaire and cluster diamond engagement ring are both two popular choices when it comes to woman's engagement rings.

Solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings refers to a ring that has a single diamond in the center.  It is a beautiful and classic engagement ring that’s been around for decades. As well as engagements, solitaire rings are sometimes given to celebrate other special occasions such as a major anniversary, a milestone birthday or a personal accomplishment. The diamond catches the light beautifully, but depending on the carat weight, cut and color, a solitaire engagement ring can be very expensive.

Cluster engagement rings

In a cluster setting, smaller diamonds are set closely together to resemble a larger diamond. A cluster ring can contain a large center diamond or a group of stones of equal size. The diamonds in a cluster ring often form a geometric shape like oval or floral shape. Many cluster rings also have an antique look. By having smaller diamonds, the cluster engagement ring is usually a little bit cheaper than the solitaire engagement ring. The ring sparkles beautifully and often have a more unique look.

What should I choose

When deciding between solitaire engagement ring and cluster engagement ring, it depends on your style preference and budget. In most cases, cluster rings are less expensive than solitaire rings because they do not feature as large of a diamond. As with any ring, the price depends on the diamond quality, carat weight and precious metal.